A bit about me

Building a solid and trust-based relationship with clients is my priority – once that has happened, I can provide them with the outstanding service they deserve. It doesn’t happen by magic – it is founded on listening to people’s concerns and acting on them both pragmatically and with an understanding of their business needs.

I have represented a wide range of people, from surgeons to cleaners, on just as diverse a range of issues, from discrimination and sexual harassment to whistleblowing.

Outside work, I am passionate about cycling; having been in the military, I like to keep fit, and cycling, as well as coaching football, is how I do it.

Want to know more?

Be open-minded.

Be pragmatic.

Listen to, and trust, your solicitor.

Have I got a strong case?

I haven’t seen all the evidence yet, nor do I know both parties’ versions of events so I can’t advise you on the strength of your case. But I may be able to give you a generic view of the merits of your case based on the details and evidence you provide. My view may change, with more information, as the issue progresses.

How much will it cost?

While I can’t give you a definitive overall cost now, I can estimate how much my initial advice and work cost, and I will will let you know this as soon as I can. I will always keep you updated on costs, so that you know beforehand if there are likely to be additional costs and I will always check with you before we incur these.

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