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I’ve been practicing wills, trusts and probate law for over 25 years because there’s nothing more rewarding to me than helping people with such an important part of their lives.

I spend time really getting to know my clients, visiting them at a time and place that suits them, so I fully understand their situation and can give them practical advice that really helps. My passion is making my clients happy, knowing that I’ve provided practical advice that gives them confidence, in the knowledge that their affairs are in order.

Through my work with individuals, and companies as part of the Wills at Work programme, I understand how fundamental wills are to family life, and also just how many people put off making one. There’s no need to be afraid – the team and I are here to help and make protecting your loved ones future as simple as possible for you.

Wills, Trusts and Estates - Dawn Oliver

Where do I begin, other than with heartfelt gratitude to you and your office for the support, advice and sensitivity which you have all shown me during the last five years? With the clarity of hindsight I was hugely affected by M’s untimely and sudden death and your calm and gentle lead made sorting his property and last wishes all the more straightforward. Private Client
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Life doesn’t always go as planned. You should review your will regularly to make sure it all still applies.

Value our advice – my team and I have experience with all sorts of families and circumstances, which all feeds into our expertise.

Don’t assume that anyone can wave a magic wand and make inheritance tax disappear, but I’ll do my best to reduce the impact in an ethical way.

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What happens if I die without making a will?

Depending on your circumstances, it could leave your family and loved ones with lots of additional stress, and could result in your wishes not being carried out as you want. Don’t leave it to chance – put a will in place as soon as you can.

If I transfer my house to my children now but still live in it, does it mean I won’t have to pay tax or nursing home fees?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way! Each situation is different, so get in touch with me to see how I can help you reduce your inheritance tax ethically.

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