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Dion Tristram, Consultant

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 01989 561 437
Mobile: 07384 813 926

A bit about me

Before becoming a real estate paralegal, I worked in a technical and advisory capacity in agriculture. This experience and the knowledge I gained first-hand, coupled with the genuine interest I have in farming, gives my clients confidence in our working relationship as I understand them, what they do and what they’re looking for.

The clients I represent range from individual farms to farming companies and banks providing agricultural finance. I give them clear and concise advice so that they’re fully across and up to speed with the position of their matter.

As well as my passion for agriculture, I also love music and sport.

Want to know more?

Provide as much information as possible at the beginning.

Keep in touch with your solicitor during the transaction.

If anything changes, inform your solicitor immediately.

How much will it cost?

During our first conversation, I’ll try to give you a ballpark figure at the very least, but once I know what’s involved, I can provide a more detailed estimate.

How long will it take?

I can provide an estimate at the outset, but I will stress this will be based on the transaction running smoothly – if other parties don’t have their act together, it can take a lot longer.

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