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If you’re a creator, an innovator or a forward-thinker with a great business idea, I can help you safeguard your thinking. As a specialist in intellectual property and technology, I help start-ups, IT providers and multinational corporations, learning as much about their business and industry as I can. I understand that the perfect legal solution isn’t always the best one for business, but I love a challenge, and I can always find an answer that fits your company.

There’s never a dull moment in my field ­– my clients are diverse and often provide very complex services or have a cutting-edge invention. The specifics vary hugely, but I provide lateral thinking and progressive, commercially minded solutions to each client that will protect their ideas and manage the legal risks they’re exposed to as their business grows.

Want to know more?

Research your chosen brand name and corporate identity. Far too many businesses undergo costly rebrands because they discover someone else has been using the same name for years.

Think about the liability you could be exposed to. It’s all well and good when a business relationship is working, but would your contracts protect you if things went wrong?

Consider the future – the steps you take now can have vast implications further down the line, both positive and negative.

What do I need to do to get ready for GDPR?

The answer will depend entirely on the business, but beginning with a data-mapping exercise is always a good start.

I’ve come up with an idea, can I protect it?

“Yes” is often the answer. Your idea might constitute intellectual property and can be protected by copyright, a trademark, a patent or as a design. I’d always recommend seeking expert advice as early as possible in your journey – don’t run the risk of someone else getting there first.

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