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Building trust and confidence is key to my work; employment law has far-reaching effects on people’s everyday lives, whether they are employers or employees, so we need to work well together for the best results.

From disciplinary procedures to sickness absences, employment issues arise in all sectors, from care homes or teaching to management consultancy or the creative industries. I focus on getting to know my clients, working with their needs, so we can resolve their problems and they can move forward.

Outside work, my passion for equality and fairness is matched by my enjoyment of running and spending time with my family.

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Trust me; work with me to get the best possible outcome.

It will be OK, and life will go on, however tough it may seem

Do not place your professional worth on the value of a case or potential settlement.

How much does it cost to go to tribunal?

It varies in every case and it is incredibly difficult to predict.

Does it take a long time?

The tribunal system is incredibly backlogged, so cases are taking 18-24 months to reach conclusion.

What do you recommend as the best possible outcome?

Given the length of time cases are taking to be heard, early resolution by way of settlement can be positive for both parties as it draws a line under the matter and allows people to move forward.

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