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Elizabeth Miles, Associate

Family Law

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A bit about me

Family law is personal – especially for me; I went through an adoption process when I was young. I didn’t have things explained to me by the professionals and the judge scared me: I decided that I never wanted another child to go through that. I am here to help people through the worst times of their lives.

I will always spend whatever time is needed with my clients, not just what is expected. I want to make sure that their lives are better at the end of the case than they were before it, where possible. I can’t promise happy ever after but I will always be honest, and I temper that with kindness, and humour if possible.

Away from work, my passion is my own family and trying not to kill the plants in my garden!

Want to know more?

Listen – to professionals, your solicitor, social workers; whoever is trying to work with you. You might not like what is being said but you may learn something useful.

Children hear and see more than you think – be mindful of that, especially if you are going to do or say something negative.

Vulnerable and young clients – your voice is important, your feelings need to be heard and understood. If you don’t like what is happening or you’re scared, you must say. You have a right to be safe.

What will be the outcome of my case?
I can’t say; I can only say that if you give up, you will never know what might have been.

Can I change my social worker?
Probably not – and you could end up with someone you get on with even less.

How long will all of this take?
The law says no longer than 26 weeks, but there are exceptions if it is a complicated case; for example, if a lot of expert witnesses are needed.

I’ve heard that my ex’s solicitor is the best there is.
That’s what all exs say…

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