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Emma Kirkpatrick, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney


Direct Dial: +44 1905 744 992
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A bit about me

I help our clients to navigate through the tricky and confusing world of intellectual property protection, making sure they protect their brand as robustly as possible.  As part of the Commercial team, I work with all types of companies, from small start-up businesses and individuals to larger, established organisations.

I’ve assisted people from a wide variety of sectors, including education, construction, art, literature, IT, breweries and retailers. I’m passionate about seeing a business grow into a successful enterprise with a recognisable brand, and I’ll take the time, effort and care to ensure I do all I can to help.

Want to know more?

Protect your product! You’ve spent so much time and energy developing your product – make sure you protect it from infringement.

There are lots of dos and don’ts when it comes to making a trademark application, so seek professional advice before you do it.

Think of a brand name that stands out. Not only will consumers remember you but it will mean your brand can be more easily protected. Names that are descriptive of your product/services will be very difficult to trademark.

How do I register copyright?

Copyright is an automatic right that arises on the creation of the work. As long as the work is original – in that it involved original creation on your behalf – it is protected by copyright.

Can I get a worldwide trademark?

There is no ‘blanket’ worldwide trademark – you will have to apply to each jurisdiction separately. We can help you to do this in the right territories.

I want to trademark my product name – how do I do this?

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to trademarks, including the location your product is trademarked in, what goods and services the trademark covers and what type of trademark will be required. So that we can understand your brand and help you choose the right trademark, we’d recommend arranging a discovery meeting so we can find out more about your requirements.

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Sabah Yaqoob needed trade mark support and branding advice for her beauty start-up Calling; the business successfully...

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