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Eyvonne Dight, Operations Manager

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 01989 550 560
Mobile: 07725 240 233

A bit about me

I was drawn to property, and new builds in particular, because it’s always busy and no two days are ever the same. It’s also an area that requires specialist expertise, something our team of real estate lawyers, have in spades. On a daily basis, I work on behalf of clients to take the stress out of buying or selling a new home, taking the time to find out what they want and then achieving it in the most efficient way possible.

My clients tell me i’m very approachable and ‘know my stuff’. As a team, we’ve built good relationships with developers and we come recommended by several leading national and regional new home builders. These relationships mean any issues that do arise can be dealt with quickly on behalf of our clients.

In my spare time, I love learning something new and I unwind by solving crime puzzles.

Want to know more?

Use an experienced New Build solicitor as the transaction is different from pre-loved homes.

Be prepared to provide key information quickly as your developer normally only provides 28 days from instruction to exchange.

If applicable, have your ‘mortgage in principle’ in place already so you can respond quickly.

Why do you need to see my mother’s bank statements if she has already given me the money for the deposit?

We have to verify the source of all funds used in property transactions under anti-money laundering regulations. Though we can see the money was received from your mother’s account, we have to understand where she secured the funds in the first place. It may seem intrusive, but it helps to make property sales more resistant to money laundering as a whole.

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