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The commercial dynamics inherent in corporate transactions are fascinating – so as a Corporate lawyer, it’s my job to ensure that complex issues can be resolved while providing commercially-focused solutions. I’m a pragmatic, ambitious and innovative negotiator who enjoys the process of drafting legal provisions and getting involved with both business owners and their businesses.

I’ve worked with private equity houses, management teams and portfolio companies, providing advice on everything from corporate due diligence to management buy-outs, equity arrangements, NDAs, sell-side transactions and portfolio company work.

Outside work, my passions include playing squash, running and charity work – social mobility in particular.

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Communicate openly with your lawyers. Collaboration is key and ensures that everyone is on the same page

Prepare to be flexible. Deal dynamics can change and so can timelines

Involve advisors as early as possible.

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What is a split exchange and completion?
In a split exchange and completion deal, completion is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions. A split exchange and completion usually occurs when certain consents and clearances need to be obtained, for example, National Security and Investment clearance. These are obtained in the gap period which is the period of time between exchange and completion.
The gap period may be a matter of a few days or a few months, depending on the nature of the reasons why completion is to be delayed.

How long does it take for a deal to complete?
This is judged on a case by case basis. Some deals have nuances and quirks so may take longer to complete than plain ‘vanilla’ deals. We will always keep you updated with developments and timelines.

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