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I love employment law because it covers such a wide variety of topics and can mean I’m often involved in dealing with more contentious issues. One day, I’ll be on the phone to a client, updating them on their case, and the next, I’ll be representing another at an employment tribunal.

As well as individual employees, I also work with employers ranging from SMEs to large multinationals, who operate in sectors like solar energy, retail, digital and aviation. I have significant experience and a well-rounded approach, which enables me to get the best possible outcome. With a background in mental health law, I have particular expertise and an interest in advising on disability discrimination and mental health issues within the workplace.

I don’t sit on the fence and I’m known for my practical and considered advice, as well as my confident and approachable manner. I’m always available for my clients and however you wish to engage with me, I make your needs my priority.

I enjoy learning about social history and increasing awareness of disability discrimination. On a lighter note, I love to travel and have a penchant for handbags and shoes!

Want to know more?

Put everything in writing – keep written records as you may need them, particularly within employment tribunal proceedings.

Don’t shy away from performance issues or grievances. The quicker it’s dealt with, the quicker you can move on.

Be aware that employment law relating to discrimination applies to all potential employees, including interviewee candidates.

Will I win this case?

We’re unable to predict the outcome of employment tribunals as each case has risks that can crop up even on the day of the hearing. However, I always work hard to get the very best outcome for my clients, and, once I have reviewed the evidence, I’ll also provide my opinion on the likelihood of success.

How can I get rid of my employee?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with an employee, I can advise on the options available to you. Depending on the particular circumstances of the matter, options may range from disciplinary procedures to settlement agreements.

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