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Florian Bazant-Hegemark

Consultant Commercial

About me

Having worked in SMEs, start-ups and larger companies, I employ a range of technology specialisms including preparing patent application procedures, handling design registration procedures and coordinating multi-jurisdictional patent application procedures. I’ve also worked with apps, software-based inventions and robotic devices.

As an authorised representative of the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, I can help clients with many of their intellectual property and patent issues.

Protecting intellectual property can add real value to a business. I work hard with my clients to work out what the appropriate legal protection would be for them, and advise also on due diligence, ownership and licencing matters.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Speak to us early. Many IP registration procedures require that an idea has not been disclosed to the public before a registration has been filed with a patent office. Posting an envelope to yourself doesn’t provide protection!

There are different types of IP protection, and some are costly, requiring an ongoing budget spread out over several years. Consider IP protection as part of a business plan.

Your IP position and portfolio should be reviewed regularly to ensure it delivers the protection today that was intended a few days ago.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

How soon will my patent be registered?

Routinely, a patent application procedure takes several years. Indeed, the UK patent does not consider a patent granted “late” if it was pending for less than four and a half years. I am happy to advise on options that exist to accelerate a patent application procedure.

My invention is a software product and I have been told software cannot be patented – is that correct?

Surprisingly, many inventions can be presented to the patent office as a process or method in a way that does not emphasise the software aspect. In that case, a patent may be granted even if the method is carried out in software.

I have spoken about my invention with an investor – is it now too late to get a patent for it?

If you publish your idea – known as your own ‘disclosure’, this disclosure can be used in attempts to invalidate any later-filed patent, including your own. However, the disclosure must have been public in order to count for patent purposes, and it often depends on the circumstances. Do speak to us so we can consider your specific situation and what can be done.

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