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Commercial law allows me to become a part of a business’ journey and I love helping clients’ ideas grow into a thriving business. It is important to ensure their priorities are covered; that means taking the time to look at contracts carefully to see what may be missing and if they truly support the client’s vision.

I am passionate about helping businesses to achieve their full potential and will go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. Having helped businesses from a range of industries – particularly those within international trade – I can provide specialist advice to clients with ambitious plans.

Both inside and outside work, I am passionate about looking after our planet and hearing about new sustainable concepts helping to protect our environment for the future.

Want to know more?

Always seek professional advice before entering new contracts; it is always worthwhile ensuring that you understand the key terms and risks.

Many businesses are only as valuable as their intellectual property. Check that your rights and ideas are protected as fully as possible.

Do not assume that an old contract can be used again in the future. Changes in circumstances or in the law may mean that the position needs updating.

How do I limit claims against my business under this agreement?

Limitation of liability clauses are often heavily negotiated in contracts; wording must be very carefully considered to ensure that any limitations are fair and enforceable.

Are my contracts affected by Brexit?

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU has affected commercial law in many ways. Its impact on a contract will depend on the nature of the business and the agreement.

Can I end a contract?

Most contracts will contain termination provisions which may allow a party to terminate for convenience or if the other party has committed a breach of the terms. Some agreements may lapse after expiry of a fixed term.

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Ensuring that their involvement in the World Expo 2020 in Dubai was properly covered by contracts which protected...

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