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Employment law is complex, diverse and ever-changing, combining contentious work with more routine issues. The client is at the centre of everything I do and working with people is the reason I most enjoy my job. I’ve got a compassionate nature and this really translates into my role as a employment and immigration solicitor.

I work across various aspects of employment law, advising clients in SMEs through to large businesses on areas like maternity and paternity leave, termination of contracts, absence from work, general performance management and redundancy.

If you have an employment law issue, I’ll work methodically and efficiently to achieve the very best, responding promptly to any queries and keeping you up to date with your claims. My advice is always practical and tailored to your needs, and I work closely with you so that you understand every possible option available.

Outside of work, I like culture and travel and anything that gives me the chance to meet new people – everyone has a story and I like to find out theirs. For the record, I’m also a wine and cheese loving kickboxer!

Top Tips & FAQs

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If you have an internal procedure, follow it.

Try and put your emotions to one side.

Don’t lie or cover up information that you consider to be insignificant. Let me be the judge of that.

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Do I have a claim worth pursuing?

This all depends on the facts of each case – the best thing to do is get some advice as soon as possible.

Can you check and sign a settlement agreement?  

Provided there is no conflict of interest, I can review the terms of the settlement agreement. Once agreed, I can sign this off.

What are the chances of succeeding at the tribunal?

There’s no exact calculation when advising on the potential prospects of success but I can apply legal ‘tests’ and consider, pragmatically, the prospects based on the available evidence. There is always a litigation risk when a claim goes to tribunal, which needs to be factored in when we discuss the prospects of success. This is something I’ll talk you through in much more detail when working with you.

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