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Helping my clients through what can be the most difficult time of their lives and guiding them to a brighter future makes it all worthwhile. I provide pragmatic, solution-focused advice to my clients on a range of specialisms, from pre and post-nuptial arrangements to financial disputes, cohabitation and children disputes and intervenors/joinders  (someone not previously involved joining a lawsuit and the joining together of two lawsuits respectively) in proceedings.

While I adopt a constructive approach to negotiations, I am known as a robust litigator and good tactician when required. Clients have included farming families, entrepreneurs, and business owners and their partners.

Outside work, my two young children take up most of my time. However, I enjoy unwinding with some good music and a glass of something fizzy.

Want to know more?

Tell us everything and listen to our advice. We are on your side. Having a lawyer means you won’t deal with anything on your own.

Remember that once your case is over, you will continue to be connected. What you do now will impact on those relationships, so try to keep that at the forefront of your mind.

Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are absolutely worth it! They are extremely persuasive, and a court will take this into account when considering a financial settlement.

What am I entitled to?

It depends on your specific circumstances. When we meet, I will be able to provide specific advice. We will agree a way forward together.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

It depends on the case, but most court proceedings take a minimum of six months to resolve. However, cases can take up to 18 months. Cost depends on the process and nature of your dispute, but we take great care to estimate these carefully from the outset.

What will happen to my business?

The court will look at the origin of the business, its value and the income generated. It may have to be independently valued with the aim of your spouse being bought out. Spouses retaining or acquiring shares in the business is usually a last resort.

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