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For both employers and employees, work affects all aspects of life, so I am very focused on getting to know my clients’ circumstances, whether they are a business, a school or an employee, so that I can give them the best advice in a very rights-based area of law.

My clients range from financial institutions and government departments to transport companies, schools and universities – employment issues arise in every sector and at every level; my advice will always be pragmatic, honest and to the point.

Outside work, I love to travel and experience new cultures whenever I can.

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Always keep communication channels open.

Be inclusive.

Make sure you take notes of all meetings with employees where there is the possibility of a claim (even remote).

How do I dismiss someone fairly?

This seems like a straightforward question, but the answer can be far from straightforward. You can’t go wrong with following the ACAS Code on Disciplinaries and Grievances, but often advice is needed far beyond the scope of the code.

How do I deal with long-term sickness absence?

This also requires tailored advice, depending on the circumstances of the absence.

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