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Helen Cain, Associate Solicitor

Dispute Resolution

Direct Dial: 01905 744 887
Mobile: 07890 625 134

A bit about me

Getting thoroughly involved with a client, even down to helping them dig documents out of their archives, is what I really enjoy about resolving disputes – the better I understand their organisation and objectives, the more practical and commercial the advice that I can give.

My court experience stands me in good stead, especially in terms of preparation – I want to get into the detail of a case so that I can spot issues or loopholes, while keeping my advice straightforward and really relevant to each client.

A good deal of my work has been for financial institutions, especially dealing with professional negligence, but I have worked for pension scheme trustees, beneficiaries’ representatives and individuals across many sectors. Recently I advised a client about Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) action against them.

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my young family, dance and yoga.

Want to know more?

Keep a good paper trail of all commercial deals – this makes it easier to resolve a dispute should one arise

Ensure employees receive frequent training so that they are up to date with legislative developments, which will minimise the risks of any inadvertent breaches.

Once it is clear a dispute may have arisen, don’t risk being tripped up by privilege – take timely legal advice to avoid to inadvertent disclosure of privileged correspondence/advice later on.

How likely am I to succeed with my claim?

This question can only be answered following a detailed analysis of the relevant evidence.

How much will it cost me?

This can be difficult to predict, however, a client will always be provided with the best possible costs estimate and kept updated as the matter progresses.

Will there be any adverse publicity for my company?

Many clients wish to settle early due to the risk of adverse publicity, particularly if proceedings are issued against them.

I will always be sensitive to this, although, if analysis of the client’s possible defence shows it to be a strong one, there are definite pros to defending a matter and this may set a precedent, putting other potential claimants off issuing possibly vexatious proceedings.

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