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Jacqueline Morrison

Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx), Disputed WTE Private Client

About me

Working with people at a time when emotions are running high means that listening to their concerns, as well as striving for the best outcome for them, is very important. Challenging or disputing a will is always difficult for those directly involved, whether they are beneficiaries, executors or trustees; my role is to combine objectivity and support.

Dispute resolution is endlessly varied – inheritance claims, executors’ duties and the grounds for challenging a will are three of the main areas where I work with clients.

Outside work, I like getting outside, either walking or running; I completed a couch to 5k challenge this year.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Please be open – people’s circumstances vary widely, and I would always rather know the full situation.

Take time to consider your options and make the right decisions for you.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

Q. What is the cost of initial advice/sending a letter?

A. Each case is different and it will depend upon the complexity of the circumstances.

Q. Can I see a copy of the will if I am a beneficiary?

A. The short answer is no (unless you are named as an executor). A will is a private document and remains so until a grant is issued when it becomes public. You can then search online and download a copy of the grant and will for a small cost.

Q. Can I challenge a will?

A. This will depend upon whether you have legal standing and grounds to do so.

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