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I’m a fearless and empathetic employment lawyer with a strong belief in justice, equality and fairness in the workplace. Work really should – and can – bring out the best in all of us and I believe well-managed teams can achieve fantastic results for companies.

I’m here to help you get the very best out of your staff and avoid costly litigation. As well as businesses, I carry out work for individuals ranging from doctors, lawyers and accountants to directors, executives and senior managers, who need support to achieve justice at work or a safe passage out of it, armed with a meaningful financial settlement that will minimise their stress.

I’ve got a huge passion for people and every client matters to me. I’ve been described by some as their ‘rock’ – testament to the fact I work tirelessly for you and am always available, whenever you need me.

I listen carefully so that I can get a better understanding of everything that’s bothering you, what’s important to you and what the outcome is that you want. I’ll then go through your rights clearly and keep in touch as the case progresses. It’s my aim to help you sleep better at night and reduce your worries by fighting your corner and treating your problems as my own.

Want to know more?

Tell me your story – what has really brought you to me and what’s worrying you most about the situation?

Let me help – I’ll be honest and tell you if I can’t. If I can, I’ll devote myself to doing that until it’s done and the problem is completely solved.

In your workplace relationships, always try to be the grown-up, even when others aren’t behaving that way themselves.

How do I talk to him / her about it?

Courageously – and after I’ve prepared you fully for the conversation.

Do you provide training?

I do – in fact, I love providing training to managers and am asked to do it a lot. Our sister company Eagle HR also has a training division.

What has the gender pay gap got to do with equal pay? 

Not a great deal. I’ve been an equal pay specialist for over 10 years and as a team we have litigated many thousands of equal pay claims. Employers may have a very large gender pay gap because, for example, they really struggle to recruit women into certain roles like engineering, but those women they do employ are paid the same as men in comparable roles. Similarly, we recently won equal pay damages for two women employed by an organisation with a much smaller-than-average gender pay gap.

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I was looking around for a good employment lawyer and Jenny Okafor-Jones at HCR Law was personally...

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