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Getting to know clients, especially when I often meet them at a difficult time in their lives, is vital so that I can help them properly – whether they want to make a will, make financial arrangements for the future or deal with a problem which has arisen, that personal connection can make their lives much easier.

I’ve been told that I’m not a typical solicitor – I think people can be scared of lawyers generally, and that’s not helpful. Keeping things simple and easy to understand is very important. Whether I am helping someone to deal with a local authority’s demands over care fees or supporting a cancer sufferer making their will, I am most satisfied when I know that they are happy with the result.

Outside work, I have a major soft spot for American muscle cars and love walking the dogs.

Want to know more?

There is no such thing as a silly question – the law is full of jargon and we are here to help you understand it.

Be clear and blunt with what you want to achieve – solicitors are not as scary as you think.

Be as organised as possible with wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Putting the right documents in place early will mean much less stress later on.

How long will this take?

This is usually a question asked when dealing with someone’s estate. that the time scale will largely depend on the assets of the individual’s estate and where they are located, along with other factors. This is why it is so important to have a detailed discussion with the client initially, to be able to provide accurate time estimates.

How much will this cost?

This depends on what the client wants done and the matter being dealt with.

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