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Joanne Hodgetts, Senior Associate

Dispute Resolution

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A bit about me

To me, commercial litigation isn’t just an area of the law – it requires genuine knowledge of the world of business, which they don’t teach at university. When I work with you, I get to the heart of your organisation to know what makes it tick and understand its peculiarities. I then use this insight to solve your business problems.

The legal outcome to a commercial problem is just one answer, but the overall solution has virtually no boundaries. I challenge your thinking and test your boundaries in order to find a resolution that works for the business as a whole, not just the immediate issue.

As well as helping my clients to solve their disputes, I also offer them the chance to expand their knowledge and perfect their skills through workshops, seminars and a peer-to-peer mentoring group. I also act as a volunteer for the Institute of Directors as the regional chairman for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire branch so I can keep abreast of all the latest issues affecting businesses in the area.

Want to know more?

Refrain from creating internal documents that discuss the case. They could become disclosable to your opponents.

Involve a specialist litigator early on before the dispute becomes really nasty. Expert help in the background can either resolve the case without your opponent ever knowing a lawyer was involved, or give you a stronger position later on.

Check whether you have legal expenses insurance when a dispute is brewing – when the dispute crystallises, comply with the policy terms and consider alternative funding arrangements.

Am I likely to win?

I’ll continually reassess the merit of the case and the risk as the case evolves but a “win” depends on what you hope to achieve – whether you get a settlement that you’re content with, or if you want to make a point and get a judgment made in court.

How much will it cost?

The cost will depend upon what happens in the dispute and each party’s attitude towards risk and settlement, but I can provide a projection based on previous experience, which we can amend as the risks, evidence and strategy of our opponents unfold.

Can’t I tell the judge everything now?

Judges have very limited time to deal with cases ­– as a result, there is a set process to follow to streamline each case. Deviating from the process will place the judge under pressure and can be considered as wasting court time, so adverse consequences could apply. Stick to the plan and do as I advise.

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