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Lending is the heart of any business, whether for working capital or for future growth. This makes working in banking law rewarding yet challenging.

I like to make clients’ goal my own goal and share in their objectives/successes. Whatever the case, I align myself to their businesses so I can understand the structure, objectives and how they are looking to expand. Having worked with commercial, investment and retail banks, private equity firms, corporates and investment funds and managers, clients can rely on my experience to provide tailored solutions. I become their strategic advisor, supporting with legal as well as general queries.

Outside work, I enjoy keeping active– whether it’s playing football or getting out on the golf course!

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Engage early in order for us to collaboratively discuss, plan and provide advice on the best routes to deliver commercial goals.

Build clear timelines to ensure funding is available when required.

Ensure open communication between all parties involved in a potential transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can this be completed by?
I will act as swiftly and efficiently as possible to deliver on agreed timelines in line with clients’ objectives. As financing involves a variety of parties, there may be unfortunate delays; where this is the case, I will communicate and proactively take steps to minimise any impact.

What do I need to be aware of?
I will always highlight to the client what decisions need to be made and the relevant risks that need to be considered. I will support clients from a legal perspective in discussing these.

Here is my suggestion, what is your opinion?
Having an opinion is important as it brings a different perspective to the topic in discussion. I always strive to provide a valuable opinion and be accountable to this, however small or large.

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