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Although it might feel like it, the breakdown of a relationship is not the end – I’ll help you to find your way to a new beginning.

I’ve been practising family law for nearly 30 years, and I’ve extensive experience in international jurisdiction disputes (whether over finance or child relocation), high net worth financial cases, often with complex business interests, sophisticated pension arrangements and on-shore / off-shore trusts.

I know what I’m doing, and I’ll tell you what you need to hear; you can be sure you’re getting the right advice in plain English.

I know that divorce brings with it anxiety, frustration and concern over cost, whoever is involved, and I am well-placed to focus strategically on the key issues and move matters forward to minimise these worries.

Outside work, music and motorbikes are among my passions; I play in a band called the Devils Advocates with legal colleagues.

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Be open, honest and transparent, even when you feel uncomfortable. The more I know, the better I can support you.

Remain focused on the children – they’re the ones that will be most affected by a separation, so you need to support them above all else.

Listen to the advice I give you, and be realistic in terms of your expectations.

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How much it will cost?

This depends on the process and nature of your dispute, but we take great care to estimate costs and work out a plan to make sure you’re in financial control of your case.

How long will it take?

It depends on the case, but as a general rule, most court proceedings take a minimum of 4–6 months to resolve. If it’s highly contentious and has to progress to a final hearing, the average is 6–12 months.

What can I expect?

Family law is all about balance, so it’s fair to expect that you may have to compromise. When children are involved, they’ll take priority, and we’ll do everything possible to get a result that helps both parties.

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