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As a corporate solicitor, it’s my job to be able to communicate effectively, solve problems and, most importantly, understand your point of view in order to help you achieve your goals. Being able to see a matter through to resolution and completion is the part of my job which I relish the most.

I help my clients across a range of specialisms, from share purchase, asset purchase and shareholder agreements to shareholder dispute resolution and corporate governance guidance.

My career to date has led me to work with a wide range of companies in a variety of sectors – from manufacturing companies to family investment companies and internet service providers.

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Have a clear, concise Heads of Terms agreed to enable solicitors to conclude the transaction relatively swiftly without unnecessary negotiation.

Conduct as much research and due diligence prior to the negotiation phase as possible. A lot of information about companies is freely available and this will ensure you don’t encounter any surprises – and put a proper value on the company.

Whether you’re buying or selling a company it’s important to consider the importance of key personnel whose value can be difficult to determine, but who are often the main asset of the business.

How swiftly can a transaction be completed?
This will depend on the nature of the transaction – while some can be relatively quick, other transactions can take a considerably longer time.

What are the tax implications?
While it is understandable that tax implications may be at the forefront of your mind when undertaking a transaction, you should seek advice from an independent tax advisor.

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