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The common thread running through my work is that I help resolve difficult and sensitive issues for clients who need robust advice to support their business decisions.

Having worked as a specialist economic crime prosecutor as well as in private practice, I have broad experience of advising clients on financial crime, financial services regulation and business disputes. From cyber and emerging tech disruptor businesses to global corporates, trustees and high net worth individuals, my client base and practice is varied, including advising on cyber and digital regulation.

My clients come to me from a range of sectors, including technology, mining, freight and manufacturing and I often advise on money laundering and related financial hygiene issues. A growing area of my practice involves advising tech clients in relation to Financial Conduct Authority requirements for cryptoasset operations.

Outside work, my passion is travelling and exploring new cultures.

Want to know more?

Do not be afraid to ask questions; a clear understanding enables better informed decisions to be made.

Share as much information with me as you can from the start, particularly where matters involve prosecution or regulatory agencies; issues can then be identified promptly alongside any appropriate steps such as early engagement with investigators.

Arrange regular update meetings with us to help you to manage resources and keep stakeholders updated.

I think I have identified a regulatory breach, should I report it to the regulator?

You should report any breaches identified. Do check whether in fact there has been a breach; you may wish to obtain expert advice as part of the assessment process. Once you are sure that there has been a breach, consider whether you can accompany a report with details of remediation steps to resolve any immediate issues and prevent future breaches.

How long will the regulatory investigation take?

Unfortunately investigations are often lengthy, and delays can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as related investigations and proceedings or issues with gathering relevant information. The principal step within your control is to ensure that any relevant information you hold is readily available and, where appropriate, is shared with the regulator in a timely way.

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