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I enjoy being able to make a difference to my clients when they need it most.  I specialise in private client, helping clients to understand wills, estate and tax planning, along with probate and trust administration and powers of attorney.

Combining patience while steering clear of legal jargon, I explain legal concepts clearly to my clients so that they get the full picture without getting bogged down with unnecessary language. This is particularly important for people who may be recently bereaved or are particularly vulnerable.

Outside of work, I’m learning French and I’m at my happiest when walking through the countryside with family and friends.

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Q. As I am his/her next of kin, can I make decisions for my parents if they lose capacity?

Your parents will need to put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure you have any legal authority.

Q. Is there such a thing as a common law partner?

No, there isn’t I am afraid. If you are unmarried, it is crucial to make a will and put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney in order to protect each other, particularly if you own a home together.

Q. Can I gift my home to my children in order to protect from care home fees?

You need to take advice as this is rarely an appropriate option and your home could be at risk.

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