A bit about me

When I take your case, I’ll never give you less than my best. I passionately believe in fairness, and I realise that sometimes, it involves the need for confrontation in an appropriate form.

As part of the Dispute Resolution team, I use my vast experience from both my time as a City lawyer and working privately for civil engineering giant WS Atkins plc to act on matters including construction claims, breach of contract, misfeasance, fraud and negligence claims among others.

I believe that court is the last resort, and I specialise in a number of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, arbitration and adjudication. I never stop thinking about my cases, as inspiration can strike at any moment.

Outside of work, I enjoy jazz and am a proud member of Ronnie Scott’s. I also like to cycle, and am a Queens Park Rangers supporter.

Want to know more?

Be prepared for how time-consuming litigation can be – matters are rarely resolved in weeks.

From the outset, make your desired outcome clear so I know what we’re working towards.

Litigation is a war, not a battle, so be prepared for good days and bad days.

How much will it cost?

At the outset, there are usually too many unknown factors to give anything but an indication of the final costs, but I will give a budget for the initial steps and stick to it.

Am I going to win?

Once we have considered all the key points and evidence, we can form a practical view of the prospects and plan the way forward.

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