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I’ve always been interested in the interface of law and technology, which is why I chose to specialise in intellectual property . IP involves working with a very diverse, interesting range of products, services and people and I love that it’s so legally complex and challenging.

When I take on a client, I take time to understand their commercial objectives. I’m responsive and understanding of the stresses and strains of managing disputes and other business interventions, and I’ll always be realistic and practical about the pros and cons of litigation.

I’ve acted for a number of Patent and Trademark attorneys, as well as businesses in sectors including medical product manufacturing, retail and building products. My areas of expertise include patents, trade marks, licensing and rights transfer, domain name disputes, professional negligence claims against Patent and Trade Mark attorneys and regulator led inquiries and actions.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, sport, theatre, and wine.

Want to know more?

Get advice early and keep in touch with me.

Manage costs and measure costs against likely outcomes.

Devote the time needed to assist me in management of disputes at the right stage, keep ahead of the opposition.

Will I win the case?

Wrong question, the question should be – how do I manage this issue to get as quickly as is reasonable the best available and acceptable outcome so I can get back to business.

How much will this cost?

I answer in ranges and revisit the question often.

What should our strategy be?

The answer depends on the circumstances but it should be constantly re-evaluated

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