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As head of Children’s Law at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, I work tirelessly to ensure children are put first in difficult family cases.

When I take on your case, I look after you from start to finish – I’ll represent you in court personally, rather than instructing barristers, and have conducted over 2,000 hearings. I take a firm and constructive approach, which has led to settling over 95% of my cases, and am a trained collaborative lawyer.

I’ve handled issues across the whole spectrum of children’s law, and I have an excellent understanding of the intricacies involved in matrimonial law as well. I typically work with private clients and schools, and I have also provided advice to the BBC on the recent domestic abuse storyline in The Archers, assisting with scripts and terminology.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching and playing rugby, going to the theatre and cinema, and spending time with my teenage sons.

Want to know more?

Ask yourself one question – what’s right for my child?

When talking to other professionals in your case, focus 100% on the children, not necessarily the faults of the other side.

Stay calm and do whatever you can to reduce any bitterness – your children will thank you in years to come.

How will a court decide who my child lives with?

Living situations will always be based on what is in your child’s best interests – if that means living with you, I’ll do my best to demonstrate that to the court.

Will the children automatically live 50/50 with separated parents?

Not necessarily ­– It will depend on all the circumstances of the case, whether both parents can meet the children’s needs, and what the children are used to.

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