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Michael Campbell, Legal Director

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 01604 463379
Mobile: 07769 217 797

A bit about me

I am an experienced real estate lawyer with a background in property development. Having also spent many years as in-house counsel to a PLC housebuilder, I bring a measure of added value and pragmatism to my clients, which range from developers to landowners.

I am straightforward with all of my clients. If a deal doesn’t feel right, then you may want to reconsider. It is always better to walk away and start again, than to go ahead and regret it. I make sure that my clients are comfortable and understand every nuance of the transaction that they are entering.

I support my clients with option, promotion, consortium, and planning agreements, as well as site acquisitions, land sales, and affordable housing sales. One of the greatest rewards in real estate law is that you can see the results of your work i.e new homes for families.

When not at work, I support my community by being part of the local Parish Council.

Want to know more?

Understand at the outset the basic terms of the deal that have been agreed and if something is not right or not clear speak up before it is too late.

If you don’t understand then ask. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Read documents and reports carefully to ensure they accord with your understanding of what you are committing to.

Why are the Promoters costs so high?

They are not necessarily high. They are the Promoter’s expectation based on experience of the likely costs involved. Remember that you want the Promoter to do the best job possible and if they do not succeed then those costs will not be recoverable. They are therefore not going to be expending money unnecessarily.

Does the site abut the highway?

A highway search will be carried out to ensure that there is no intervening strip between the site and the highway which could be in third party ownership. If there is any doubt, then further investigation will be undertaken and may include insurance.

Is an Option better than a Promotion Agreement?

That depends which side of the fence you are on. If you are a developer then you may prefer an Option (market value) as you acquire the price at market value, which allows you greater flexibility regarding the price payable. If you are a landowner then you would probably prefer a Promotion Agreement, as in that case you and the Promoter’s interests are aligned in that the Promoter will take a percentage of the value that the land can be sold for, so will look to maximise value.

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