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Commercial law, and especially contracts, give me the opportunity to combine my passion for business and my passion for the law – I enjoy being able to give clients creative and practical solutions to their concerns, whatever those may be. This area of law covers such a wide range of sectors and businesses that no two days are the same.

I have worked with SMEs and for international clients, in a variety of sectors including tech, retail, advanced manufacturing, energy and financial services. Having worked in the in-house legal team of a FTSE-100 company, I know how important it is to focus at all times on the client and the solutions they need.

Outside work, I enjoy spending time with family, going to the gym and watching or playing various sports.

Want to know more?

Read the contract twice. It sounds obvious, but it is imperative that customers and suppliers know the impact of each clause in an agreement. Follow your gut if in doubt and ask if there is any term you are unsure of.

Expect the unexpected. My job is to give you advice on what the law states and such advice may contradict your view or be unfavourable. I will always do my best to find a solution for you.

Think about the value you are gaining from the advice, not the bill.

Q: Are you able to turn this around for me quickly?
A: I am based in the firm’s Birmingham and Worcester offices as well as working remotely and will always endeavour to meet the deadlines you set.

Q: As a supplier, will this agreement/ clause protect me against all risks?
A: Unfortunately an agreement or limitation of liability clause will never be a bullet proof way of safeguarding your interests. However, I can use past experience and sector expertise to mitigate your risk. This could be technical drafting of a force majeure clause to cover events out of your control or sensible guidance on what the market norms are for limiting your exposure.

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