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Employment and immigration is a constantly developing area of law involving real people with real issues. This, for me, is at the heart of what being a lawyer in this practice area is about. I make sure to properly tailor my advice to each of my client and fully understand their needs in order to achieve their long and short-term goals.

My clients have ranged from individuals and SMEs to multinational companies in both the public and private sectors. I have also provided advice to HR professionals, managers and business owners across a range of topics including HR processes, TUPE, tribunals, redundancy and the employment aspects of corporate sales and acquisitions to name a few! I’m also able to draw on my in-house experience at a multinational telecommunications company and a multinational technology company to deliver commercial advice to clients.

Outside work, I love fitness. I particularly enjoy CrossFit, running and spin.

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Always be prepared for litigation. Even if you carried out a process perfectly, this doesn’t stop someone lodging a claim.

Risks in respect to litigation are important to consider in decision making, but don’t forget about managing the potential impact on employee relations.

Don’t forget to check what your policies and procedures say.

My frequently asked questions

We are unable to conclude the grievance investigation as soon as we said. What shall we do?

It is important that a grievance is investigated fairly and thoroughly. Understandably, it is difficult to predict how long this will take at the outset and there are lots of factors that can impact on the overall timescales.
It is important to ensure the individual who has raised the grievance is kept sufficiently updated in respect to timescales and provided with an explanation as to why the process is taking longer than initially suggested.

We would like to begin a capability process but should have commenced this sooner. Can we still do this?

Yes, but it is important to take legal advice first on the next steps.

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