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Natasha Thomas, Solicitor


Direct Dial: 01905 676 936
Mobile: 07570 683 583

A bit about me

There is great satisfaction in getting a deal done which you know benefits your client, and for me, especially when I’m working with dental clients, the knowledge that I’m one of a team of real specialists is especially satisfying. I know that we offer real expertise, beyond what a corporate solicitor would usually offer.

I enjoy pulling all the threads of a deal together and keeping in touch with the client, at whatever time of day, to keep it moving. As well as working with individual practices, I also work with corporates, and my focus is on giving pragmatic and straightforward advice.

Outside work, I like getting outside or relaxing with a glass of wine; I’m also the National Representative for the Worcestershire Junior Lawyers Division.

Want to know more?

Be organised. If you are thinking of selling your practice, get your ducks in a row early. Collate your paperwork and find or obtain your GDS/PDS Contract.

Seek early tax and financial advice from your accountant. Solicitors are not able to assist with advising you on the best financial structure for your deal, whatever its format.

Do not panic if you have received a breach or a remedy notice from the NHS. This is not an automatic deal breaker. We will carefully advise you on what you may need to do in order to make the buyer comfortable.

I have lost or can’t find my GDS/PDS Contract
Approach your Local Area Team for a copy.

Can I sell my PDS Contract?
Strictly speaking, you cannot, as these contracts are personal to you as a dentist. We can, however, sell it with careful planning and deal structuring.

How long will the sale of my practice take to complete?
If you own an NHS Practice, or do a mix of NHS and private work, you will need to serve notice on the NHS to vary your contract. We will control this process which is relatively quick. For both an NHS practice and a private practice, the CQC will need to approve the transaction. We do not advise on, nor do we control, the CQC process, this is for you and your agent to work through. The CQC can take months to issue the required paperwork. This is a consistent delay within the sector and one to bear in mind when planning your transaction. Seek early advice.

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