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Olu Ajasa, Partner

Dispute Resolution

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A bit about me

Finding solutions for businesses involved in disputes is at the heart of my commercial dispute resolution work; it encompasses a range of complex and high value corporate and commercial disputes, including commercial property litigation, with just as wide a variety of clients.

Commercial contracts are often a source of difficulty for clients, but contractual disputes can arise in a variety of circumstances, and can often involve complex and sensitive issues, especially if they are partnership disputes. I provide pragmatic solutions to those problems which fit with the client’s commercial aims and minimise the impact of the dispute on their business.

Outside work, I enjoy the outdoors and enjoy both cricket and football.

Want to know more?

Before entering into commercial contracts, conduct thorough due diligence of the other party. In particular, check the other party’s status and solvency, financial track records and resources.

At the outset of a commercial contract, put yourself in the best position by ensuring suitable dispute resolution mechanisms and clauses are incorporated in the contract.

Always seek legal advice before entering into commercial contracts, especially given the impact of Brexit, when the rules on jurisdiction and enforcement will no longer apply.

Our company has received a winding up petition for a debt – our bank account has been frozen; how do we continue to trade?

You must apply to the court for a validation order to allow legal trading. Without one, personal claims could be made against individual directors if the company is later wound up.

Also, a validation order from the court and then served on the bank will unfreeze the company account to allow you to continue trading, and to pay suppliers, creditors and staff.

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