A bit about me

I enjoy the challenge of advising clients who are the victims of or affected by fraud, or who need my help to assert their rights in the face of others’ insolvency. My clients know that they can always reach me and that I will fight for them to the end, tracing assets around the world – I have dealt with jurisdictions as various as Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus.

My focus is on what is important for my client, as well as what we need in terms of legal arguments – my advice will always be astute, strategic and insightful. I specialise in contentious insolvency, fraud and asset tracing and commercial litigation, acting for corporates, funds, office-holders, litigation funders, directors and other stakeholders.

Outside work, I love travelling, and the chance to enjoy the art, architecture and interiors of different parts of the world.

Want to know more?

Don’t delay, be pro-active.

Document everything.

Give a full and frank account of all matters to your advisors. Don’t form your own views on what’s relevant.

Am I going to win?

The successful outcome of your case will be of paramount importance to me, but I cannot guarantee success and there is always an element of risk when embarking on litigation.

I will give you realistic advice on the prospects of success throughout the life of your case, updating and amending the overall litigation strategy to provide you with the best possible outcome.

How much it will cost?

This depends on the individual circumstances of the case (for example, the value of the claim, the complexity of the legal issues involved and the amount documents). The costs of taking proceedings to trial in England and Wales are often substantial and this has a lot to do with the procedural and litigation process.

I will give you realistic estimates of costs at each stage of the way and tell you if you are potentially liable to pay your opponent’s costs. Sometimes, it is possible to enter into conditional fee arrangements whereby some or all of my fees are payable only in certain circumstances (i.e. only if you win).

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