A bit about me

I work with clients to turn a problem or a crisis into a business opportunity for them – I enjoy the challenge of finding them the right legal solutions to meet their commercial needs. We work as a team, and I use the law as a business tool to achieve their goals.

Much of my work currently involves IT clients, companies using technology such as AI, blockchain, VR or AR to break into new markets and a wide range of companies who need support with claims in areas as diverse as professional negligence, product liability, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, financial services and insurance.

Both during work and outside work, I want to be learning constantly and putting that into action – I love reading, I revel in the arts and I want to understand the latest technical and scientific advances, another passion is football.

Want to know more?

Treat problems as opportunities.

KISS – keep it simple…

View everything from your client’s point of view, not your own.

Will we win?

Define where you want to get to from a commercial point of view and we will achieve it.

How much will it cost?

We will work to an agreed budget.

How long will it take?

We can resolve any problem very quickly with imagination and creativity.

Where I work

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Legal advice and expert opinion to resolve disputes

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