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It is hugely rewarding to be able to guide a client through what is often the most stressful part of their lives and to be able to achieve a fair financial outcome for them. I ensure that I am supportive, empathetic, compassionate and responsive from the outset to the conclusion of the case. Where needed I also strive to steer the parties towards a sensible compromise.

I have over 14 years’ experience of working in a top-tier family practice in London and I have a wealth of experience and knowledge. My experience covers all areas of family law including divorce, financial remedies, civil partnerships, pre- and post-nuptial agreement and orders to protect individuals from domestic abuse.

I often act on higher value financial proceedings, and I have worked with and assisted a number of high-net worth individuals to resolve their financial matter and protect their assets. I have successfully dealt with a number of cases which involved an evasive and un-cooperative party.

I also advise clients on disputes relating to their children, including those that involve complex and/or sensitive issues.

Outside of work my passions are managing my three children and their very busy sporting schedules and running half marathons.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Always conclude your financial matters at the same time as your divorce

Divorces are quicker, cheaper and less destructive if you are able to retain a sensible cooperative manner and relationship. However, as lawyers we also understand that this is not always possible

If you are concerned about your safety, seek legal advice, as there are remedies available to protect you. Don’t suffer in silence

My frequently asked questions

How much will the divorce cost and how long will it take?

A divorce usually takes at minimum of six months to complete, even if your circumstances are straightforward. It may take longer if you need to sort out your financial matters.
You can apply for a divorce with your spouse, which is called a joint application, or on your own as a sole application. The petition costs £593, and solicitor’s fees will depend on the complications involved in the case.

Do I need a court order around how we care for the children?

No – if you can reach an agreement between yourselves this can be set out in an informal agreement called a parenting plan. However, this is not legally binding and we would suggest taking legal advice if one party is not sticking to the agreement.

Can a pension be shared?

Yes, a pension can be shared. The courts can make a pension sharing order – meaning that a pension is divided into two separate schemes. There are some pensions that cannot be shared, such as the basic state and some overseas pensions.

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