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Simply put, I help people to write their wills. I take the time to ensure that your will suits your circumstances and that you feel prepared for whatever life might throw at you. I offer a clear, considered insight into the laws surrounding wills, trusts and probate, so you know exactly what to expect and what services are available to you throughout every stage of your life.

I usually work with individuals and couples, but I also help organisations like the St Richard’s Hospice with their Write a Will scheme, making sure that people in their care receive the best possible wills advice.

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There’s nothing worse than leaving everything to chance, so be organised and get your will drafted as early as possible – even if you think you won’t need one just yet.

If you’re not clear about something – just ask!

Let us know as soon as possible if your details or circumstances change, so we can make sure your will is completely up to date.

Is it possible to have a will produced off the shelf from ready-made documents?

We would recommend against it, as one size doesn’t fit all. Off-the-shelf wills don’t always cover your personal circumstances properly. We’d meet with you to really understand your requirement and make a will that’s right for you and your family.

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