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Ravi Rajput, Solicitor


Direct Dial: 0333 188 3701
Mobile: 07493 969 926

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Before becoming a lawyer I studied pharmacy and trained in community pharmacy. Given my commercial experience and interest in business, moving to corporate law seemed the natural fit. Corporate law allows me to work with a variety of entrepreneurs across multiple sectors, assisting them to ultimately achieve a particular drive and growth.

I maintain clear and consistent communication with my clients and go the extra mile to facilitate the deal, and ultimately add value to my client’s business.

I’ve worked with a variety of mid-market organisations, assisting them with the buying or selling of their businesses. I specifically assist with conducting and coordinating legal due diligence to identify and limit risk to clients. I also assist organisations with corporate governance related matters.

Professional services, automotive, education, IT and health and social care are all sectors I’ve worked with in the past.

Outside work I enjoy playing the guitar and attend live music gigs regularly. I also enjoy travelling, enjoying different food and drinks and spending time with my family.

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