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Richard Bailey, Patent Attorney


Direct Dial: +44 1905 746 495

A bit about me

For me, the key to being to really help clients is getting to the heart of their business and their ideas – I’ve always enjoyed exploring how things work, and that curiosity means that I can really make my advice absolutely relevant to each situation. It’s a technical field, but I keep my advice practical – then clients really understand their position.

I specialise in protecting intellectual property, particularly designs and inventions, across the UK, Europe and globally. Patents apply in many industries and fields of expertise. As a chartered patent attorney and European patent attorney, I work with technologies ranging from mechanical engineering – for the oil, gas, aerospace, automotive and defence and security sectors – to electronics, communications and software developments.

The range of clients I advise is just as wide from individuals with a great idea to protect, to small companies, large multi-national corporations and educational institutions wanting to protect and make the most of their intellectual property assets.

Whether you have a great new idea which you want to protect, or if you find that your products are being copied, either in the UK or abroad, do get in touch. As well as patents, I can help you with design and copyright issues too, and we can discuss the full range of intellectual property protection.

Want to know more?

As rights can be lost by talking about inventions and ideas before putting protection in place, involve me in the process as early as you can.

Securing intellectual property rights need not be prohibitively expensive – we can advise on cost- effective ways of securing your rights.

Obtaining a patent for an invention can allow tax savings to be made – talk to us to find out how.

Can I protect this?

Of course, the answer is that it depends on what it is, whether it’s new and inventive and whether it is something which can actually be protected under law.

How much will it cost?

Understandably, this is often a concern; I will always give as accurate an estimate as I can, especially if you bring me in at an early stage of an idea or design’s development. I’m clear about costs throughout the process too.

If I talk my ideas through with other people, can they copy them?

Potentially, yes – that’s why it’s important to bring in an expert early on. Discussion and feedback are a necessary part of the development process – you just need to put the right safeguards in place first.

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