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Richard Morgan, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Defence, Security and the Forces Sector

Dispute Resolution

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A bit about me

At the age of 10, I was absolutely enthralled by the film ʼTwelve Angry Men’. Watching that, I knew that litigation was my calling, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since. I find solutions to disputes in a quick and effective way, avoiding unnecessary expense and ensuring businesses can keep moving forward.

Typically, I handle cases involving shareholder disputes, warranty and contract claims, springboard relief and enforcement of restrictive covenants. I have particular expertise in the defence and security sector, working with both multinational corporations and start-ups, and lead the Defence, Security and Forces team at Harrison Clark Rickerbys.

I was part of the team that founded the Herefordshire Security and Defence Group, of which I’m a board member, and I have run a resettlement programme for service leavers from the SAS, RAF and via webinars for the entirety of UK armed forces.

I also present at events in both the UK and abroad, covering the latest legal advances in the defence and security sector, and provide mentoring to numerous military leavers who want to start new businesses in the sector.

Want to know more?

Check that your legal expenses insurance is adequate and covers what you need it to.

See us before a dispute becomes entrenched – delaying any consultation is a false economy, as a careful plan can help save you money in the long run.

Review your corporate structure and implement an effective shareholders’ agreement.

Why should I compromise if I am in the right? 

Litigation always involves dead money – a successful claim will only recover around 70% of your actual costs. You should also consider the “hidden” costs when it comes to your time, as you’ll need to focus your attention on the case, rather than on profitable activities. You also run the risk of damaging commercial relationships, but I will always outline the pros and cons of any case from the beginning.

Where I work

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Defence, Security and the Forces - Richard Morgan

"It is reassuring to know that Harrison Clark Rickerbys have chosen to locate a regional office in...

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Defence, Security and the Forces - Richard Morgan

"Serbus Ltd recently had cause to seek professional legal advise after the threat of a commercial injunction...

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原文链接:https://www.hcrlaw.com/blog/ten-steps-to-claim-for-business-interruption-losses/ 作者:Richard Morgan,合伙人,争议解决、国防、安全与军队部门负责人 中文联系人:Connie Lu,实习律师,国际业务部   保险公司和保险代理人几乎每天都对客户说他们的理赔申请并没有包括在他们购买的保险产品里 ---- 你可千万不要因为他们这样对你说就放弃理赔。 只需简单的几个步骤,从仔细查看保险合同的措辞(内容)开始,要一字一句地仔细看 ---- 一般来说保单的内容常常写得模棱两可,但因为保单是由保险公司提供的,那么对那些含义模糊的条款进行解释时一般都会对申请理赔的一方有利。 在我过去36年的职业生涯中,不断有人告诉我我的客户所购买的保险并不包括他申请的理赔 ---- 甚至有一次是一个保险代理人、保险公司和保险公司的律师一起这样跟我说;但那个案子后来以保险公司向我的客户支付90万英镑外加办案成本与我们合解的。…

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