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One of the reasons that I enjoy what I do is the sheer variety –  I specialise in both contentious and non-contentious personal and corporate insolvency, so no two cases are ever the same.

One thread which is central to what I do is creating a partnership with you, so that we work together for the right result as efficiently as possible. The more I understand your business and your objectives, the better able I am to tailor my advice to what you need, to give you a commercial solution which works for you.

I work closely with insolvency practitioners as well as acting for a wide range of companies, based both in the UK and overseas.

Outside work, I believe in having a good time and playing (but not necessarily succeeding in) sport to the best of my ability.

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Make sure you feel totally comfortable with the person advising you – it is a partnership and we must be frank and honest with each other at all times.

Make sure you have clearly defined your expectation so we can properly manage them.

Enjoy working with your solicitor – we can offer more than just legal advice.

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Can I get the result I want in the time scale I want? </em? Yes, provided you understand what is possible and achievable – it is my task to manage those expectations. Will you do the work or will a junior do it?

Only people you want on the work will do the work. But remember, we only employ people you’ll want on your team.

Can I get hold of you when I need to?

Yes – this is my mobile number. Call me when you need to speak with me.

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