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A bit about me

My favourite part of my job is helping my clients to achieve their ‘grand designs’, whether that is to maximise the value of their land or to expand their business premises. From developers and landowners to local authorities, banks and community groups, I work closely with all types of clients to help obtain planning permission, advise on legal agreements or planning designations, or tackle applications that may affect their property.

My role is especially challenging as planning is driven by politics, so the law is constantly changing. I’m also really interested in development and regeneration projects, and the balance between meeting business or housing needs, and protecting the countryside.

I’m proud to have been recognised by the UK Legal 500 and my work has been published in Property Law Journal and Planning Magazine. I also speak regularly on planning law and I’m the appointed legal member of the Cheltenham Development Task Force. Outside of work, I enjoy live music, art and good food although much of my time is spent overseeing the never-ending renovation of my own home.

Want to know more?

Timing is everything – In planning, the window of opportunity to submit an application to give it the best chance of success can be very small, and there are strict deadlines for challenging an unlawful decision.

If you want to achieve the best results, seek advice on your planning strategy as early as possible.

Take planning enforcement seriously and always seek advice before responding. Planning Contravention Notices or investigations will be kept on record and providing misleading information can be a criminal offence.

How can I protect my land against the public acquiring rights?

There are a number of ways to stop footpaths or other recreational rights being acquired, without having to exclude the public from your land. Though signage is a commonly used option, the wording used is crucial. There are also more straightforward options to protect against both footpaths and village green rights. Talk to us about the other approaches available.

I’ve received a Planning Enforcement Notice. What should I do?

Take advice now. There’s a very short timescale in which to lodge an appeal and missing the deadline means you must do what the notice says or face potential criminal liability.
It’s usually worth appealing as you may be able to get it overturned on numerous grounds. If the worst happens, an appeal could give you more time before you need to comply with the notice.

I want to convert my agricultural barn into a residential dwelling under permitted development rights. Is there anything I need to know before I submit the application for Prior Approval?

Yes, there are very specific legal requirements to qualify for permitted development rights, such as whether the barn really has been used for sole agricultural use at the required dates. We need to work through all of the detail and the expected requirements with you to give you the best chance of getting the result you want.

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