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Winning business and closing deals are my focus – I want my clients to be able to fund businesses which are a great fit for them and will enable their own business to grow. My knowledge of the market as well as my in-depth knowledge of my clients, their people, their structure and their appetites, means that I can add value to their own work.

Corporate finance can obviously be complex, but I aim to be both accessible and friendly – working with major funders to back businesses is both satisfying and demanding.

Outside work, I appreciate architecture and the theatre.

Want to know more?

Spend a lot of time negotiating detailed Heads of Terms – it is worth it.

Think about the destination, not the journey.

Never grind anyone down on negotiation; the world is a small place and you always need favours.

Why are lending documents so long?

Because funders always need to have an ability to get their money back.

Why is dealing with banks so painful?

Because of excessive regulation and extensive fraud.

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