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The area of dispute resolution brings a broad range of clients to me, from pension fund administrators to HR departments and property developers; my focus is on resolving the disputes and difficulties which are having an impact on their lives, using clear jargon-free language and finding practical and commercial solutions, which avoids the expense of court proceedings if possible.

I enjoy the variety of challenges my work presents, and I want to make the process for my client as straightforward as possible; with good communication throughout, we can work together to reach the best outcome in the circumstances.

Outside work, I enjoy playing softball; I set up the Cardiff league 15 years ago, although these days, I just love the team spirit of playing in my team. I also enjoy horse-riding, reading and spending time with family.

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Don’t expect always to be told what you want to hear. Disputes can cause attitudes to become entrenched where emotions are quite often at play. Be open to suggestion. Think about what you reasonably want to achieve and be prepared to compromise – flexibility can be key to resolving a dispute.

Document everything! Cases can be jeopardised because a key discussion was not recorded in writing.

Be open and honest about your case and preferred outcomes and don’t be afraid to ask questions, however stupid you think they may be – we are on your journey together.

I think I have a great case – will I win?

There is never 100% certainty over outcome, but I can give you an assessment of the likely outcome based on the information you provide to me.

Why should I make an offer when I have a strong case?

No outcome is guaranteed and sometimes settling a case on terms that are acceptable is better than proceeding to court. Some pragmatism and a calm head can resolve most disputes.

Will you be dealing with my case throughout?

I will normally have day to day conduct, although I may be assisted by or liaise with colleagues where appropriate.

Will I get my money back?

Costs generally will be recoverable by the winning party, although it is rare that 100% will be recovered.

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