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I was naturally drawn to property law; and was told I have a flair for it. I enjoy the personal story of land and property and its past and present owners which is told by the deeds of a property – how it has passed through the generations, how the land use has changed, what was built when and which things were important to people when parts were sold off.

My area of real estate deals with buying and selling rural land and property, such as farms and nature reserves, including farmhouses and cottages. I like guiding the client through a sale or purchase, checking that the property is all they expect and need it to be given their plans, and advising on and resolving any title defects (e.g. lack of right of way) or other issues.

I’m approachable, friendly, straightforward, careful, and conscientious; and I work with a wide range of clients, from charities to individual farmers, landowners and family trusts. As well as sales and purchases, I also advise on mortgages, transfers of land, restrictive covenants, overage arrangements and first registrations.

I’m passionate about the countryside both inside work and out, and enjoy long country walks (with or without a pub at the end!). I also enjoy music and play classical guitar as well as singing in a church choir.

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Register your land if it is unregistered –this helps to resist possession claims by squatters and to protect your land from fraud. It also avoids problems arising from title deeds being lost or destroyed. It should also make conveyancing and mortgaging procedures simpler for you in the future.

Have an asbestos survey done on your farm buildings - there is a lot of it about! It is your legal duty to manage the risks to workers and visitors when you are the owner, and a buyer will expect you to have one if you sell.

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