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Sharon Harding

Senior Conveyancing Executive, Residential Real Estate

About me

Selling or buying a property can be very stressful; as a real estate senior conveyancing executive, my priority is to ease that stress by guiding clients with trusted and knowledgeable advice. I love helping people and thrive when under pressure, so I am here to make the transaction exciting and enjoyable for every client.

Having worked on all types of residential property transactions for individuals and companies, I am very experienced and flexible in my approach and always prepared to work around my client’s needs – whenever and wherever suits them. Transparency is key to building good relationships, and clients can rely on my honesty and efficiency to help meet their expectations.

Outside work, I enjoy socialising with friends and family, good food and wine, and walking my dogs.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Choose the right legal representative

Stay calm and be patient with your legal representative and trust what they are doing on your behalf

Remember I am acting on your behalf and will do everything I can to get the deal through

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we exchanged?

Not yet but please be assured I would take your authority prior to exchange of contracts taking place. We need to be sure that all legal formalities have been satisfied before contracts can be exchanged. You also need to be sure you are happy with all the documentation provided. If you have any concerns or if there is anything you are unsure about, these issues need to be resolved prior to exchange.

How long will it take?

That is a good question but the timing is dependent on various factors. We can only act as fast as the other parties in the chain - we will keep you advised and updated.

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