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I followed my father into residential property work and the collaborative nature of real estate law has always appealed to me. A seller and buyer will ultimately want the same thing and I love working as part of a team to try and solve problems and realise our clients’ goals.

I like to take the time to get to know my clients, so that I can focus on what is particularly important to them. My role is as much about the people as it is the properties, and I am passionate about building those connections as ultimately, I’m convinced it makes us better lawyers. I tend to act predominantly for high-net-worth individuals that are either moving home themselves or trading investment properties, but as a team we help a range of corporate and individual clients with their residential property needs.

Every transaction will have its little quirks, and there will often be some time pressures involved, but I pride myself on being able to keep a friendly hand on the tiller, making sure that my clients fully understand the various issues involved and any potential risks to be aware of.


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Try to stay calm - emotions can sometimes run high, particularly towards the end of the process.

Do your research into the local area before making any offer on a property.

Remember to charge your mobile phone on the morning of completion.

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