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My speciality is business. I help companies with sales, acquisitions and restructures. There’s no better feeling than getting a transaction completed, whether it’s for £42,000 or £42m. I use my local knowledge to coordinate deals successfully, working with other professional advisers to ensure a deal is structured and tailored to meet my client’s needs and pave the way for any future changes.

I work to help companies of all shapes and sizes, from star-ups to PLCs to update their internal documents (such as shareholder agreements and articles of association) to make sure they can run their business effectively. I bring a sharp eye and a strong business sense to the table and I give clients the support they need, no matter how small the query.

Out of the office, I enjoy clay pigeon shooting and getting to know all corners of the UK. I’m also a trustee of a local cancer charity.

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If you’re a shareholder in a company, always consider the importance of having a well-drafted shareholders’ agreement in place to protect you in the case of any disputes or changes.

Make sure your house is in order before you look to gain any investment or sell your company, as this will ensure you get the best terms possible.

Ensure your company is the registered owner of any intellectual property rights – this includes your domain names and website content!

We own a family company but my father has recently passed away. What happens to my father’s shares and how can I get back my sibling’s shares?

In a case like this, it depends on what the company’s articles of association say and whether or not there is a shareholders’ agreement in place. We can advise on what happens when a shareholder dies – give us a call or read more on our blog.

I am looking to sell my business – should I go down the route of an asset sale or a share sale?

If you want to sell your business, you need to consider whether a buyer would be looking to purchase certain assets from the company or the whole company itself. We’ve put together a handy blog on this, but if you’d like to discuss it, please get in touch.

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