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Sophie Scotcher, Senior Associate

Family Law

Direct Dial: 01223 869 254
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A bit about me

I work with people who are facing a breakdown of their relationship. Although much of my work centres around the financial side of that situation, I also help people dealing with issues surrounding their children upon separation.

It is a very varied area which I enjoy. I always focus on finding effective solutions to my clients’ problems and provide clear and constructive advice. I represent clients both in court and in alternative dispute resolution settings in order to resolve their problems outside of court.

In my spare time, I love walking and playing tennis.

Want to know more?

Apply for their pension Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) at the outset, due to the length of time it will take their pension provider to process their request.

Provide financial disclosure in chronological order (i.e. bank statements). This will save your solicitor time when completing your Form E and sorting updating disclosure.

If the case is acrimonious, I advise clients to be sensible when corresponding with the opponent (i.e. when sending text messages) as their behaviour could be raised against them in court proceedings.

Does adultery amount to financial misconduct?

Not unless it has impacted the marital finances.

Do individuals who have cohabited for seven years have the same rights as married couples in respect of their property?

I’m afraid that this is a myth. The courts will, however, consider factors such as financial contributions and intentions of the parties.

Does owning a property in a client’s sole name prohibit a spouse from having an interest?

No – their spouse has a beneficial interest.

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