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A bit about me

Construction disputes are often fast-paced, and I thrive under pressure. Timetables are short, and the consequences of disputes can be serious for clients, so I focus fully on their objectives and achieving the best possible result for them.

I am a tough negotiator and have had plenty of experience; acting for property developers, and both main contractors and sub contractors, I know how important calm and wise advice is, whether I’m dealing with an adjudication, litigation or an expert determination.

Outside work, my family come first, closely followed by my lifelong support for Manchester United.

Want to know more?

Try to avoid personal feelings and emotion when dealing with claims/disputes.

Commerciality over principle.

Win, but not at all costs.

How much is this going to cost?

This will depend on the actual costs agreement, i.e. time basis, fixed fee, capped fee or DBA.

Do you have the necessary technical skills to advise on my matter?

Yes – and I will provide information/details of my experience depending on the scope and nature of the dispute, i.e. litigation, adjudication, arbitration or expert determination.

How long will the dispute take to conclude?

This will depend on the type of dispute.

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